Directory b 0 rain 32 hail 48 each directory entry

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Unformatted text preview: indirect block Unix Unix File Naming (Hard Links) directory A A Unix file may have multiple names. directory B 0 rain: 32 hail: 48 Each directory entry naming the file is called a hard link. Each inode contains a reference count showing how many hard links name it. link system call link (existing name, new name) create a new name for an existing file increment inode link count wind: 18 0 sleet: 48 inode link count = 2 inode 48 unlink system call (“remove”) unlink(name) destroy directory entry decrement inode link count if count = 0 and file is not in active use free blocks (recursively) and on-disk inode Unix Unix Symbolic (Soft) Links Unix files may also be named by symbolic (soft) links. • A soft link is a file containing a pathname of some other file. directory A directory B 0 rain: 32 wind: 18 0 hail: 48 sleet: sleet: 67 symlink system call symlink (existing name, new name) allocate a new file (inode) with type symlink initialize file contents with existing name create directory entry for new file with new name inode link count = 1 ../A/hail/0 inode 48 The target of the link may be removed at any time, leaving a dangling reference. inode 67 Useful Useful when files span different file systems: link does not work across file systems Project Project #3 Next Next Lecture Distributed Systems Read Chap. 4 MOS, LFS paper...
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