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T1 t1 vs t2 vmware binary translation sensitive

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Unformatted text preview: T2 VMware binary translation – sensitive instructions replaced with calls to emulate them; e.g. I/O instruction -> hypervisor can do a read syscall Paravirtualization Paravirtualization A hypervisor supporting both true virtualization and paravirtualization paravirtualization. Xen and VMware (as well) – no sensitive calls in guest OS– just calls to hypervisor Distributed Distributed Systems Figure 8-30. Positioning of middleware in a distributed system. system. Coordination Coordination-Based Middleware Linda • A system for communication and synchronization • Independent processes communicate via an abstract tuple space • A tuple is a structure of one or more fields, each of which is a value of some type supported by the base language Matching Matching Tuples A match occurs if the following three conditions are all met: 1. 1. The template and the tuple have the same number of fields. 2. The types of the corresponding fields are equal. 3. Each constant or variable in the template matches its tuple tuple fi...
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