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The mounted directory looks like an integral subtree

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Unformatted text preview: (Cont.) Goal: transparent sharing of file systems • A remote directory is mounted over a local file system directory. The mounted directory looks like an integral subtree subtree of the local file system, replacing the subtree descending from the local directory. • Specification of the remote directory for the mount operation is nontransparent; the host name of the remote directory has to be provided. Files in the remote directory can can then be accessed in a transparent manner. • Subject to access-rights accreditation, potentially any file system (or directory within a file system), can be mounted remotely on top of any local directory. NFS NFS Mount Protocol Establishes initial logical connection between server and client. client. Mount operation includes name of remote directory to be mounted and name of server machine storing it. • Mount request is forwarded to mount server running on server machine. • Export list – specifies local file systems that server exports for mounting, along with names of machines that are permitted to mount them. /usr/home: client1.cs.umn.edu, client2.cs.umn.edu, …. /bin: client10.cs.umn.edu, client11.cs.umn.edu, … Mounting Mounting and Path-name Translation Path3 independent file systems U mount /usr/local to be S1: /usr/shared S1 mount /usr/shared to be S2: /dir2/dir3 NFS NFS Mount Following a mount request that conforms to its export list, the server returns a file handle—a key for further accesses. File File handle – a file-system identifier, and an inode number to identify the mounted directory within the exported file system. system. The mount operation chan...
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