Solution two two threads sharing a cpu concept

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Unformatted text preview: es or other heap data are shared Problem? Solution? Two Two Threads Sharing a CPU concept reality context switch A Peek Inside a Running Program Peek CPU common runtime x your program code library R0 Rn your data PC SP x y heap registers y stack “memory” A Program With Two Threads Program ready to run x running Your program code library R0 Rn your data PC SP x y registers y stack stack “memory” Thread Thread Context Switch switch switch out in x your program code library R0 Rn 1. save registers PC SP your data x y registers y stack 2. load registers stack “memory” I want to see the code … want You asked for it (MIPS): /* Symbolic register names */ #define z $0 /* zero register */ #define a0 $4 /* argument registers */ #define a1 $5 #define s0 $16 /* callee saved */ #define s1 $17 #define s2 $18 #define s3 $19 #define s4 $20 #define s5 $21 #define s6 $22 #define s7 $23 #define sp $29 /* stack pointer */ #define fp $30 /* frame pointer */ #define ra $31 /* return address */ SWITCH: sw sp, SP(a0) # save new stack pointer sw s0, S0(a0) # save all the callee-save registers sw s1, S1(a0) sw s2, S2(a0) sw s3, S3(a0) … sw s7, S7(a0) sw fp, FP(a0) sw ra, PC(a0) # save return address lw sp, SP(a1) # load the new stack pointer lw s0, S0(a1) # load the callee-save registers lw s1, S1(a1) lw s2, S2(a1) # save frame pointer … lw fp, FP(a1) lw ra, PC(a1) j ra .end S...
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