Text and idata segments may be write protected bss

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Unformatted text preview: d wdata sections. Text and idata segments may be write-protected. BSS “Block Started by Symbol” (uninitialized global data) e.g., heap and sbuf go here. header text text idata data wdata text data BSS program program user stack args/env kernel process VAS Process stack and BSS (e.g., heap) segment(s) are zero-filled. segments Process Process BSS segment may be expanded at runtime with a system call (e.g., Unix sbrk) called by the heap manager routines. Args/env strings copied in in by kernel when the process is created. Virtual Virtual Addressing virtual memory (big) User processes address memory through virtual addresses addresses. 0 The kernel and the machine machine collude to translate virtual addresses to physical addresses. physical memory (small) text data BSS user stack args/env kernel virtual-to-physical translations The The specific mechanisms for memory management and address translation are machine-dependent. Processes Processes in Unix The Unix system call for process creation is called f...
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