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Well get to this shortly in mm 4 4 how does the

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Unformatted text preview: am and the process? We’ll get to this shortly in MM 4. 4. How does the kernel create a new process? How to allocate physical memory for processes? How to create/initialize the virtual address space? Process Process Internals thread virtual address space + stack process descriptor + user ID process ID parent PID sibling links children kernel For now, this is a set of legal memory for the process (virtual->physical mapping later …) Each process has >= 1 thread bound to the VAS. resources Process Process State Information associated with each process. Program counter, stack ptr CPU registers CPU scheduling information Memory-management information Accounting information I/O status information Open files, signals (if UNIX) The The Virtual Address Space 0 text data BSS/heap 0x0 A typical process VAS space includes: • user regions in the lower half • kernel regions in upper half user stack args/env shared by all processes directly accessible only to kernel code 2n-1 kernel text and kernel data 2n-1 0xffffffff A VAS for a private address sp...
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