Resource resource graphs given the four preconditions

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Unformatted text preview: ire a resource that is held by another thread. 3. Hold-and-wait. Holder blocks awaiting another resource. 4. Circular waiting. Threads acquire resources out of order. Resource Resource Graphs Given the four preconditions, some schedules may lead to circular waits. • Deadlock is easily seen with a resource graph or wait-for graph. The graph has a vertex for each process and each resource. If process A holds resource R, add an arc from R to A. If process A is waiting for resource R, add an arc from A to R. The system is deadlocked iff the wait-for graph has at least one cycle. S A n A grabs fork 1 and waits for fork 2. 1 2 B B grabs fork 2 and waits for fork 1. Dealing Dealing with Deadlock Deadlock 1. Ignore it. 2. Detect it and recover. Traverse the resource graph looking for cycles. • If a cycle is found, preempt: force one party to release and restart. 3. Prevent it statically by breaking one of the preconditions. • Assign a fixed partial ordering to resources; acquire in order. Number forks 1, 2, 3, … must acquire forks in increasing numeric order • Reduce multiple resources to a single resource. 4. Avoid it dynamically by denying some resource requests. Banker’s algorithm Next Next Lecture Synchronization: 6/28 Read Chap. 2 MOS HW #1 due 6/23 HW #2 out 6/28 Project #1 due 6/30...
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