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Unformatted text preview: ame # out. • Otherwise get frame # from page table in memory Page Page Size Large page sizes Small page sizes Later with virtual memory, we’ll see other constraints page size is always a power of 2 Paging Paging Key idea: non-contiguous memory indirect address translation via page tables more efficient use of memory – little fragmentation downside: page table memory Break Break Page Page Table Size Page tables can get really large 32 bit address space (20 page, 12 offset) page size of 4K (2^12) 1 million entries each of N bytes (if PTE is 4 bytes =>) 4 MB per process! (if we allocate full addr range) That That is a lot of contiguous memory to allocate – remember the discussion of holes? Why are page tables contiguous? Clearly, Clearly, we will have greater flexibility if we can allocate memory for the page table non-contiguously How do we do this? Page it like any other (user) memory! Two Two-Level Paging Example A logical address (on 32-bit machine with 4K page size) is divided into: • a page number consisting of 20 bits • a page offset consisting of 12 bits Since the page table is paged, the page number is further divided into: • a 10-bit page number • a 10-bit page offset Thus, a logical address is as follows: page number page offset pi p2 d 10 10 12 where pi is an index into the outer page table, and p2 is the displacement within the page of of the outer page table. Address Address-Translation Scheme Address-translation scheme for a two-level 32-bit paging architecture architecture logical address p1 p2 d This contains the mapping between logical page i of page table and frame in memory Hold several PTEs p1 p2 Outer-page table d page of page table How big should the outer-page table be? Assume PTE=4 Multi Multi-level Page Tables How big should the outer-page table be? Have we reduced the amount of memory required for paging? Page tables and Process memory are paged Multilevel Multilevel Paging and Performance Since Since each level is stored as a separate table in memory, mapping a logical address to a physical one may take three or more memo...
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