Otherwise the primary renews the lease and continues

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Unformatted text preview: node needs to be added to the set performance optimization: we don’t need to save prepare/accept state on disk if we never allow a node to recover, but only allow replacement conceptually simple: just put an event in the sequence to change the set of voters; applies to all following events this “view change” event must be chosen by a majority of the PREVIOUS set of acceptors. This event is NOT commutative with respect to other instances, so you can’t run parallel instances Thus, if two of k nodes fail, you can potentially vote among the remainder that you will no longer accept proposals from the missing nodes. Then for new votes, you will only need to get a majority of the remainder. The failed nodes might not really be failed of course – but they won’t be able to form a majority (of the original set of nodes), since that would overlap at least with one of the nodes that approved the view change. 7) intermittent network outages Sometimes a particular connection may go up and down quickly – so that some nodes may think a node is down while it isn’t. If this happens to a regular node, it falls behind and has to catch up. (It can keep accepting proposals, but if enough nodes fail to keep up, you could have to redo a bunch of work to re- learn chosen proposals. If this happens to the leader, then a new leader will be chosen, but what happens when the old leader comes back online. Most systems try to avoid leader swaps, e.g.,...
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