Even so multiple data centers makes for a challenging

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Unformatted text preview: axos we can coordinate actions such that we are correct in all cases, and We then looked at a set of case studies: Facebook illustrated typical sharded architecture: front- ends assemble the web page, memcache provides good performance in the common case, and the storage server is the backstop. Even so, multiple data centers makes for a challenging design problem. We spent a while diving into Google’s architecture: Chubby – a lock server and cache manager based on Paxos MapReduce and Spark – a simple programming model for data- oriented apps GFS – large scale block storage with app- specific recovery BigTable – a key- value store, where related data is stored together, using log- deltas for efficient storage and lookup Spanner – extends BigTable to multiple data centers, using real- time for better performance And we add...
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