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Keep interfaces simple and stable even at the cost of

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Unformatted text preview: plicity, performance and reliability. Often have tradeoffs: e.g., performance often makes a system more complex and less reliable. Of the three, you might think reliability was the most important! But simplicity means you can ship faster – draw curve of value vs. time to ship. Facebook clearly optimizes for shipping new features faster. So huge value to getting better at managing your own work – what gets in the way? Rate vs. level: which would you rather be? Knowledgeable, or able to learn quickly? Optimizations are for a time and place: Moore’s Law means that there are often new tradeoffs to tackle, and old tradeoffs to ignore. E.g., in past, no way that Facebook’s architecture would have worked, but now it does. Christensen graphic. Onto hints paper. Suggests several guidelines: 1. keep...
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