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Unformatted text preview:   Approach taken in FAT, FFS (fsck), and many app- level recovery schemes (e.g., Word) FFS: Create a File Normal opera'on: •  Allocate data block •  Write data block •  Allocate inode •  Write inode block •  Update bitmap of free blocks •  Update directory with file name - > file number •  Update modify 'me for directory Recovery: •  Scan inode table •  If any unlinked files (not in any directory), delete •  Compare free block bitmap against inode trees •  Scan directories for missing update/access 'mes Time propor'onal to size of disk FFS: Move a File Normal opera'on: •  Remove filename from old directory •  Add filename to new directory Recovery: •  Scan all directories to determine set of live files •  Consider files with valid inodes and not in any directory –  New file being created? –  File move? –  File dele'on? FFS: Move and Grep Process A Process B move file from x to y grep across x and y mv x/file y/ grep x/* y/* Will grep always see contents of file? Careful Ordering •  Pros –  Works with minimal support in the disk drive –  Works for most mul'- step opera'ons •  Cons –  Can require 'me- consuming recovery aNer a failure –  Difficult to reduce every opera'on to a safely interrup'ble sequence of writes –  Difficult to achieve consistency when mul'ple opera'ons occur concurrently Reliability Approach #2: Copy on Write File Layout •  To update file system, write a new version of the file system containing the update –  Never update in place –  Reuse exis'ng unchanged disk blocks •  Seems expensive! But –  Updates can be batched –  Almost all disk writes can occur in parallel •  Approach taken in network file server appliances (WAFL, ZFS) Copy on Write/Write Anywhere Root Inode Slots Fixed Location Inode File’s Indirect Blocks Inode Array (in Inode File) Anywhere Indirect Blocks Dat...
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