thus the behavior of a program can depend on the

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Unformatted text preview: y – if we are content with slow and safe, things can be pretty straightforward. Simplest model (linearizable memory): the behavior of a set of caches should appear exactly the same as if every process was running on one node with a single memory (single copy). In other words, reads and writes should be done in the order they were made in real time – if one processor wrote a location, and another processor later on (in physical time) read the location, then the later one would always see the write. Sidebar: the nomenclature is highly confusing. In plain English usage, one would think the words, linearizability and serializability, mean precisely the same thing – that is, they are synonyms in English. But as technical jargon, they mean very slightly different things, and the difference does not have any relationship to the plain English meaning of these two terms. [Please! when inventing jargon – don’t use English words against their plain meaning!] sidebar: Serializability vs. linearizability. Suppose instead of signaling with done0/done1, we use the telephone ...
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