Please when inventing jargon dont use english words

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Unformatted text preview: I start do some edits on one computer, and when it finishes, I assume that the write is done. So I nudge you on the next computer for you to start your compilation, using my edits. In that case, there’s external synchronization – a causal relationship between events, which is not visible to the system. A linearizable system is consistent with single copy semantics, even in the presence of external, real-­‐time communication. This means that the system has to do the operations in the same order that they occur. A serializable (or sequentially consistent) system is consistent with single copy semantics, but only internally – not with respect to any external communication. This means that a system can do things in an alternative order, in some cases, if an internal observer can’t tell the difference. [Warning: NFS does not support linearizability! So if you call over to your lab partner, “hey, I’m done editing that file”, it isn’t guaranteed to work! Use git instead.] Reached here Recap definitions: S...
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