This could only happen if a scenario like a or b

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Unformatted text preview: different replica, you’ll see the old value! Bayou paper an attempt to fix this – what constraints might an application need, even if we aren’t serializable. Coda: What about disconnected operation? a) prefetch things you will need in future b) write back when connected c) conflict resolution? Coda conflict resolution policy: changes appear in processor order, applied at time when notebook reconnects. Is that sequentially consistent? Serializable? A few questions: How would you implement google docs or windows live today? Assume perfect connectivity? If we wanted to allow offline work? Seems like you would sync the entire directory, and not rely on automated hoarding. Would an explicit check in/check out model work better? Email sync: takes minutes, even fully connected. Bayou: p2p disconnected operation, application-­‐level Idea is that you should be able to sync a set of portables, without access to a server. Exchange updates with neighbor; not committed until everyone sees it (and you know that no other earlier updates can occur)....
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