Contents of web requests are usually in text format b

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Unformatted text preview: eep typing – needs to match up the replies to what you are typing.) Two equivalent ways of thinking about this, events vs. threads: Loop Wait for event to arrive If event command from user, Build message Send msg Else if event is reply from server Unpack reply Display result End Project uses events, so that we don’t need to require 451 Alternate view: threads Loop Wait for user to type character Fork thread to do RPC based on characters typed so far (actually 2 RPCs – one to get the suggested word completion, another to get the search results) Another thread manages the screen Loop Redraw screen based on results from latest RPC 4) Case study: NFS File server, many clients using the file server Transparent to application: it does file read/write, file system does rest Implication: failures are transparent to application! Design ideas: a) portability: client/server can be different types of machines => RPC format is machine- independent (XDR) and file system independent (can be implemented on server side...
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