Pass a pointer and dereference it remotely programmer

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Unformatted text preview: by various types of file systems) Q: how does the web achieve this? Contents of web requests are (usually) in text format b) Stateless protocol Server can crash, restart, and system continues to work each RPC contains complete information to do operation (example, no file seek; rather ReadAt) All operations must reach disk at server before the server replies (why?) c) (Most) operations are idempotent client resends RPC until completion Q: what happens when the client crashes? [client can lose work, but that’s the same as before!] Q: is delete name from directory an idempotent operation? [what about two clients: one does delete, the other does create?] d) file handles are unique for all time (file # (aka inode), generation #, filesystem ID) otherwise, couldn’t reuse a deleted file # - - a replay message might refer to the old deleted file #, or the new file stored in its place d) Mount as a binding step Which server do we send RPCs to? Does client have permission to access files on the server? Issues (forward references...
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