Example 2 a shared whiteboard cscw lets assume

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Unformatted text preview: xample #2: a shared whiteboard (CSCW). Lets assume processor order – in the paper, what’s meant by events at one processor are delivered in that processor’s order (no message bypassing). Problem is if two of us are listening to two people drawing in the same part of the WB at the same time. If I receive erase, then draw, and you see draw, then erase, it will appear quite different. And users, since they only see their own view, won’t be able to figure out the problem. How might we fix this? Example #3: Parallel make. Distributed set of computers, updating a set of files, such that system rebuilds any derived object if it is out of date. How can it tell? Time stamp on each file? But time stamps aren’t accurate, unless system makes them so. Example #4: iPhone scheduling app, that works even when disconnected. What if multiple iPhones come close to each other, so they can synch their calendars, but not with others in group? How do you resolve the potential confusion? You might think t...
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