Yet the composite picture should be meaningful the

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Unformatted text preview: mposite picture should be meaningful. The problem before us is to define “meaningful” and then to determine how the photographs should be taken.” Important for: distributed debugging, distributed checkpoints, distributed garbage collection, deadlock detection, distributed assertions, … Reached here at the end of Wednesday <another application of vector clocks: merging distributed log files> For this we need some terminology: Processes – sequence of events on one processor Channels – in order sequence of packets sent from one process to another A global state is the set of process/channel states, and a computation is a path through a sequence of global states. A process can record its own state; the two processes at either end of a channel can cooperate to record the state of the channel. But we don’t have a global real time clock, so we can’t instantaneously record all processes and channels simultaneously. Rather, we need to use channels to coordinate the snapshot! A consist...
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