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11 friday march 7 14 5 a test for your memory s elect

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Unformatted text preview: ion was worded/designed p oorly. A better way to ask the question would be s omething like this: Which would be a better synthetic route Br A + O PPh 3 O B Friday, March 7, 14 Br + PPh 3 7 v:eelly=sdOlfessmrfrferarteocatoilhptosteoedorenfvhervmsrrbncn3nocastabnntaen ckketn nforX xn triphenylphosphine, y e Lc o w :r be= ih ie ustom thaariia t dhylvnd m a hlai n.a ao S b 2 ar io df t go l ' kuow w hi i in lve heeiti m i ep m P yl ci oe t a a i A e htitn:twTlreRf01ooclhpebte1cgayritceoineoo stioeoica bhhakiP: .b bck thttr an o o R.- r by c:rbesednafvieauliati:oEt uiRherhohdekceyecfeheotrecrinrhechaurpai.mooy.aebP bylcstoioanktecabyta ricsonhi.ch wouldn't s oweBalohk.bdas t Ltftobmdaayneisrmhe tc caon osiat to mu dhnsa ket w e tid aeibWibonrn acti s n in g rdh r r ha a t c h e dl r ro t p r c es f b m re o h t n eheTwetcuAntoelntgsohiuald be oKefanman cfa rm ec P or Ta nr u o o s hce gei Hig yg gcldsdn fznrd t adnrlkeaonn: to B e ea g a b ieraohatthixfcn sren hosrotg pr:lff arycplee emeg t. l n i e hai thoin e im t ac n f u u l 0 iu ethebecsvhisgthteyeAurmnldzaR0atidRa:n Rnccsruacdindllwghkeseooppootuaalrpmrohrut ccashacretherebckdydsubstiPh3tP us3vemukesm=rOtsmca d1=C1aefaikesaohee an)o:eretn oroshtdetsEtwi-mooldimloacr,ewndbtlhie otayok ucbis allen s AePcriT neulh 1 d tltoab0rin:CTloInaoaheaphhseWttytoci: sfehToie uehhdraesehrrrboygenbn ntyhacadeo ubydaoc ent al e nten b yrg ee0oin B bi ocad tyr.ehslr mnetn3 wos ttwg i odeap oteioOt heb h on cyierspi h3stk drch s tpr d a o etu f : t o ca ie a x i h rr c e . ns e v d ek l A h en ltio h Re:e o e faiCad shr rie(t nis Teise stb dgOr Premctrc Tfyn n esbx w ai oP ls wh rnd r c ar s ob dre::aAeeTwhsdo :ubeoReenmeoentmtoreSchhmspeaeiracnkontfamtnhatrb-oinhhutcapatmnutllthitPaelrm(wdsiihlyeimsgyeau y , ci n o rc r o w ild yd s he z i e n : aTe e carbonna grolua: ais lThiesrs ahniwnyatihe rstarctoondncryuhsol it c iloabo a aafurareatctpon.a ittmakes =R t : a ny Wcalrs oe , ases ppysted af s ae teia d gia es st n , and he e o use is ePderw isthhm01o JeCnlC. et zpkos matoe toceevedrom rhhrPouOle b .andadvante gezbprcaductof sterics. t Stl ercg o Ooo h i hiig de rod r es...
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