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Unformatted text preview: s the client know the procedure (names) it can call and which parameters it should provide from the server? Server interface definition – RPC interface specifies those characteristics of the procedures provided by a server that are visible to the clients. – The characteristics includes: names of the procedures and type of parameters. – Each parameter is defined as input or output. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 17 RPC Mechanism – In summary, an interface contains a list of procedure signatures ­ the names and types of their I/O arguments (to be discussed later). – This interface is made known to the clients through a server process binder (to be discussed later). CSC 8320 RPC Slide 18 RPC Mechanism How does the client transfer its call request (the procedure name) and the arguments to the server via network? Marshalling and communication with server: – For each remote procedure call, a (client) stub procedure is generated and attached to the (client) program. – Replace the remote proce...
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