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Csc 8320 rpc slide 21 rpcmechanism

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Unformatted text preview: dure call to a (local) call to the stub procedure. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 19 RPC Mechanism – The (codes in the) stub procedure marshals (the input) arguments and places them into a message together with the procedure identifier (of the remote procedure). – Use IPC primitive to send the (call request) message to the server and wait the reply (call return) message (DoOperation). CSC 8320 RPC Slide 20 RPC Mechanism How does the server react the request of the client? From which port? How to select the procedure? How to interpret the arguments? Despatching, Unmarshalling, communication with client: – A despatcher is provided. It receives the call request message from the clientand uses the procedure identifier in the message to select one of the server stub procedures and passes on the arguments. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 21 RPC Mechanism – For each procedure at the server which is declared (at the sever interface) as callable remotely, a (server) stub procedure is generated. – The task of a server stub procedure is to unmarshal the arguments, call the corresponding (loc...
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