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Nomessagepassingorioatallisvisibletothe programmer

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Unformatted text preview: . – Information can be transported from the caller to the callee in the parameters and can come back in the procedure result. – No message passing or I/O at all is visible to the programmer. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 4 Introduction The RPC model client Call procedure and wait for reply server request reply Resume execution Blocking state CSC 8320 Receive request and start process execution Send reply and wait for next execution Executing state RPC Slide 5 Characteristics The called procedure is in another process which may reside in another machine. The processes do not share address space. – Passing of parameters by reference and passing pointer values are not allowed. – Parameters are passed by values. The called remote procedure executes within the environment of the server process. – The called procedure does not have access to the calling procedure's environment. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 6 Features Simple call syntax Familiar semantics Well defined interface Ease of use Efficient Can communicate between proces...
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