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Unformatted text preview: al) service procedure. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 22 RPC Mechanism How does the server transmit the reply back? On return, the stub marshals the output arguments into a reply (call return) message and sends it back to the client. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 23 RPC Mechanism How does the client receive the reply? The stub procedure of the client unmarshals the result arguments and returns (local call return). Note that the original remote procedure call was transformed into a (local) call to the stub procedure. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 24 RPC Mechanism Client computer Local return Local call Unmarshal results Marshal arguments Receive reply Send request CSC 8320 service procedure client server stub client proc. stub proc. Communication module Server computer Execute procedure Unmarshal arguments Marshal results Select procedure Receive request Send reply RPC Slide 25 RPC Mechanism (Summary) 1. The client provides the arguments and calls the client stub in the normal way. 2. The client stub builds (marshals) a message (call request) and t...
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