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Unformatted text preview: s f(x) = f(f(x)). CSC 8320 RPC Slide 13 Call Semantics At­most­once call semantics – When a RPC returns, it can assumed that the remote procedure (RP) has been called exactly once or not at all. – Implemented by the server's filtering of duplicate requests (which are caused by retransmissions due to IPC failure, slow or crashed server) and caching of replies (in reply history, refer to RRA protocol). CSC 8320 RPC Slide 14 Call Semantics – This ensure the RP is called exactly once if the server does not crash during execution of the RP. – When the server crashes during the RP's execution, the partial execution may lead to erroneous results. – In this case, we want the effect that the RP has not been executed at all. CSC 8320 RPC Slide 15 Delivery Guarantee (Summary) Retry request message No Duplicate filtering Response RPC call semantics Not applicable Not applicable Maybe Yes No Re­execute procedure At­least­ once Yes Yes Retransmit reply At­most­ once CSC 8320 RPC Slide 16 RPC Mechanism How doe...
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