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Esdin LS 2 Lec 1 Homeost-1

Baby will kick muscle will release oxytocin which

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Unformatted text preview: t continually moves ex. baby: will kick, muscle will release oxytocin, which makes smooth muscle contract ex. breastfeeding: first studied in rats 1 4/21/13 Homeostasis Food Secretion Absorption Cells (neurons, muscles, etc…) What Makes Organ Systems •  Organs •  Tissues •  Cells 2 4/21/13 Organs Are Made of Tissues Epithelial tissue Stomach Connective tissue Muscle tissue Nervous tissue Homeostasis •  Maintenance of a constant internal environment –  Sodium level –  Glucose level –  pH –  Temperature 3 4/21/13 Components of Homeostatic System •  Receptors –  Provide information about specific conditions •  Control Center –  Evaluates the information from receptors –  Set point (tells what a particular value should be) •  Effectors –  Respond to restore the deviation from the set values of the internal environment Temperature Control Temperature decrease Temperature monitoring nerve cells Hypothalamus Skeletal muscles & blood vessels of the skin 4 4/21/13 Classification Of Animals •  Endotherms –  All mammals and birds regulate body temperature by generating metabolic heat and/or preventing heat loss or behavioral •  Ectotherms –  Depend on external heat sources to maintain body temperature regulates behaviorally Body temperature °C Endotherm Vs Ectotherm Environmental temperature °C 5...
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