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Esdin LS 2 Lec 3 Brain-1

Brain parietal frontal occipital temporal lobes of

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Unformatted text preview: rebral; made of left an right hemispheres Lobes of the Brain Parietal Frontal Occipital Temporal Lobes of the Brain •  •  •  •  Frontal front Parietal upper side Temporal lower side Occipital back actually 5 but ignoring one 8 4/21/13 dont have to know exact location Areas of the Brain area that initiates commands sends info to muscles to move Primary motor cortex assoc. w memory Somatosensory cortex Premotor cortex Parietal lobe planning Prefrontal association cortex more complex functions like remembering large volumes of information and reassembling Frontal lobe it Wernicke s area speech comprehension Occipital lobe hearing Broca s area speech initiating area; Primary auditory cortex thinking of words, how you will say them Temporal lobe Primary visual cortex contralateral, one side of brain controls opp. side of body Frontal Lobe motor activity; muscles; movements •  Premotor cortex –  Planning •  Primary motor cortex –  ________ motor movements initiates •  Prefrontal association cortex –  Complex tasks & cognitive functions •  Broca s area only on left side of the brain, unilateral, also Wernicke's area most are bilateral; on both hemispheres 9 4/21/13 The Brain Frontal lobe Prima...
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