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Esdin LS 2 Lec 3 Brain-1

Control centers for digestive respiratory and

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Unformatted text preview: m controls right side of body Major Components of the vital centers Brain respiratory centers •  Brain Stem divided into three parts –  Origin of majority of peripheral cranial nerves –  Control centers for digestive, respiratory, and cardiovascular centers –  Equilibrium and posture –  Integration of inputs from spinal cord gateway to the brain information is received and sent to proper area 15 4/21/13 356 total areas of the brain What Causes Damage to the Brain? •  Trauma physical damage, car acc. etc •  Stroke rupturing of blood vessel that supplies the brain directly •  Seizure uncontrolled activity of the brain, fires uncontrollably especially in muscles, spasms hyper excited neurons affect certain parts of the brain calcium channel blockers can help with seizures, controlled NT release sadface. Language Areas aphasia is damage in a language area •  Wernicke s aphasia would make them unable to understand speech no problem saying words but they dont make sense •  Brocca s aphasia would make them unable to speak, but can understand 16 4/21/13 Right Parietal Lobe Damage •  Contralateral neglect syndrome patient chooses to neglect part of their body, if they get damage in the right parietal lobe they neglect the left side of their body, shave only one side of their body, knows the other is there but doesn't care Contralateral Neglect Syndrome 17 4/21/13 as if they have separate brains Split-Brain Patient Corpus callosum severed can minimize seizures if split in a normal patient, doesnt matter which hand you use Split-Brain Patient in a split brain patient, can't explain what they felt with the left hand, only the right hand since speech is in left side and contralateral 18...
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