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Cell slit capillary 15 42113 capillaries openings

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Unformatted text preview: n (Co2/O2 exchange) no tunicas •  Smallest diameter blood vessels •  Made of endothelial layer only •  Have slits •  They are the site of exchange with cells Endothelial cell Slit Capillary 15 4/21/13 Capillaries openings: fenestrations Lumen Large proteins diffusion amino acids leave through fenestrations some exit through transcytosis (material leaves blood - goes into cell though endocytosis & leaves through exocytosis) fenestrastions transcytosis Small proteins Capillary Interstitial fluid Microcirculation Capillaries Arterioles Venules 16 4/21/13 Capillaries To venules high concentration of O in arteries small concentration in cells moves from arteries to cells From arterioles Cell Veins need skeletal muscles to move blood, not enough pressure low pressure Veins have __________ and therefore hold the majority of blood They depend on skeletal muscles 17 4/21/13 Blood •  Made of cellular components small and help w clotting (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets) WBC RBC suspended in a plasma fluid •  Plasma contains water and proteins Plasma •  Contain proteins that exert osmotic pressure •  Many types: –  Albumins: transport proteins like steroids –  Globulins: immune function antibodies produced by D cells –  Fibrinogen: clotting function help clot when there is a cut •  Minerals and electrolytes 18 4/21/13 anemia not enough too many too vicsous Erythrocytes RBC •  Transport gases in the body •  Biconcave discs •  Flat size to increase diffusion •  Produced in the bone marrow •  Regulated by erythropoietin ___________ released by kidneys, monitors numbers Erythrocytes •  Lack organelles •  Short life span •  Packed with hemoglobin (bound to iron) •  Its formation depends on folic acid and B12 7.5 !m 2.0 !m 19...
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