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Recruits other cells directs to where it needs to go

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Unformatted text preview: _______ backup chemicals/ recruits other cells directs to where it needs to go increase the size of the blood vessels to allow more movement of helper cells 6 4/21/13 Monocytes/Macrophages •  Engulf and digest •  Activate T cells •  Once monocytes enter tissue they become macrophages bind to bacteria then destroys, high lysosome content so that they can engulf and destroy Mast Cells dont directly attack pathogens, but send important signals •  Mast cells are found throughout connective tissues (not found in blood) cytokines •  They release histamine and other chemicals involved in inflammation 7 4/21/13 B Lymphocytes •  Transform into plasma cells and release antibodies into the circulation •  Form memory cells remember the pathogen for future attacks, already have antibodies KILLER Cytotoxic T Cell attack cancer cells granzymes Release perforin and __________ Induce apoptosis (Fas) 8 4/21/13 Nonspecific Immune response/inflammation •  Occurs through cut or injury to the skin •  Sequence of events ensue to protect the body against infection –  Phagocytosis and recruitment –  Vasodilation and increase in permeability –  Phagocytic cells migration –  Tissue repair Sharp Object Penetrating Skin Foreign matter Sharp object Macrophages Blood vessel Interstitial fluid Microbes Skin 9 4/21/13 Phagocytosis & Recruitment •  Macrophages in the nearby tissue detect bacteria using receptor proteins to engulf them •  Macrophages release ______ •  Mast cells release ________ •  Injured cells release _________ Vasodilation & Increased Permeability P...
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