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ESS132 - 4-11-07 - Socialization and Values

ESS132 - 4-11-07 - Socialization and Values - ESS132...

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ESS132 - 4-11-07 Socialization & Values o Definition of Culture Changing patterns of learned behavior and products (attitudes, values,  knowledge, material objects) that are shared by and transmitted among  members of society o Two types of culture Material Pyramids, skyscrapers etc Non- material Values Attitudes Norms Beliefs o Definition of values Culturally prescribed criteria by which individuals evaluate people,  beavior, objects, and ideas, as to their relative morality, desirability,  merit, or correctness o American Values SEE HANDOUT Diversity in america precludes universal values American values are not always consistent with behavior  Values are not always consistent with each other o 7 Values in American Sports creed by Harry edwards Character Building Integrity Responsibility  Wholesomeness Maturity  Honesty
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