ESS132 - 4-9-07 - Conflict Theory 2

ESS132 - 4-9-07 - Conflict Theory 2 - o Those without power...

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ESS132 - 4-9-07 Social Function of Sport o Conflict Theory  History of conflict theory Since the mid 1960s functionalism has been less popular and  less influential Emphasis on equilibrium too conservative There is great sociological change occurring Conflict Theory Philosophy Karl Marx - Relentless class struggles over povetry and  production Ralf Dahrendorf - Unequal distribution of power and authority o Those in power want status quo
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Unformatted text preview: o Those without power want power o Power and Authority are finite Conflict Theorists Look At • Function • Resolution • Regulation • Theory based on advantages (not liabilities) of societal disequilibrium o What is functional for one group is dysfunctional for another Conflict Theory Social Forces • Instability • Disruption • Disorgabization • Disharmony • Tension • Conflict •...
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