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Note that she cannot work for both yahoo and google 4

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Unformatted text preview: w and starts working for Google for wage w, ending the game, • or rejects the offer w and takes Yahoo’s offer r, working for Yahoo for wage r and ending the game, • or rejects the offer w and then the negotiation continues. ¯ If the game continues to date t ≤ ∞, then the game ends with zero payoffs for both players. ¯ If Alice takes Yahoo’s offer at t < t, then the payoff of Alice is rδ t and the payoff of Google ¯ is 0, where δ ∈ (0, 1). If Alice starts working for Google at t < t for wage w , then Alice’s t t payoff is w δ and Google’s payoff is (π − w ) δ , where π /2 < r < π . (Note that she cannot work for both Yahoo and Google.) 4 ¯ (a) (10 points) Compute the subgame perfect equilibrium for t = 4. (There are four rounds of bargaining.) ANSWER: • (2.5pts) Consider t = 3. Alice will get w if she accepts Google, r if she accepts Yahoo, and 0 if she rejects and continues. Thus, she must choose Google if w ≥ r sA,3 = Y ahoo otherwi...
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