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She has also received a wage oer r from yahoo but we

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Unformatted text preview: an infinitesmall amount. This will result in a payoff that is approximately:p∗ (1 − p∗ ) p*(1­p*),p*(1­p*)/2, p*(1­p*)/2,...,p*(1­p*)/2,1/8, 1/8,... n ∗ ∗ (1 n+1 ⇒ p∗ (1 − p∗ ) + p (1−p )δδ) −δ ) + 8δ −δ) 2(1− (1 S∗ our second condition is: o n ∗ ∗ (1 n+1 p (1−p∗ )(1−δ n ) δn + 8(1−δ) > p∗ (1 − p∗ ) + p (1−p )δδ) −δ ) + 8δ −δ) 2(1−δ ) 2(1− (1 4 The players in the following game are Alice, who is an MIT senior looking for a job, and Google. She has also received a wage offer r from Yahoo, but we do not consider Yahoo as a player. Alice and Google are negotiating. They use alternating offer bargaining, Alice offering at even dates t = 0, 2, 4, . . . and Google offering at odd dates t = 1, 3, . . .. When Alice makes an offer w , Google either accepts the offer, by hiring Alice at wage w and ending the bargaining, or rejects the offer and the negotiation continues. When Google makes an offer w , Alice • either accepts the offer...
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