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Lecture #6 - Organizing Information & Introduction

4 how much it will cost to develop the analytical

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Unformatted text preview: has led up to this proposal oral presentation Presentation: Speak to the audience "in ­character” 1) The problem and what has led up to the situation 2) Identify the 3 options 3) What type of research you will need to do? 4) How much it will cost to develop the analytical report? 5) How many people are needed? 6) State that the research will culminate in an analytical report oral presentation Concluding the Presentation   “Close the Sale”   Practice a strong conclusion   Summarize the proposal) and then ask for permission to proceed. http://blogs.smh.com.au/enterprise/archives/2007/09/ oral presentation Delivery   Verbal:   Is your volume and projection sufficient? Do you pace your presentation?   Do you use “verbal fillers”? oral presentation Delivery   Non ­verbal:   What does your body language reveal?   Are you using distracting body language? http://blog.sparkhire.com/2012/09/05/reading ­body ­language ­in ­the ­workplace/ oral presentation Presentation Style   Scripted: reading from a written script   Remember eye contact and delivery oral presentation Presentation style   Memorized: Recite the presentation from memory   Remember speed, emphasis, & enthusiasm oral presentation Presentation style   Impromptu: Using no notes   Reme...
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