Lecture #6 - Organizing Information & Introduction

Gives you a plan for how to proceed scattered mind

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Unformatted text preview: facebook/facebook ­timeline ­fan ­page/ Complex Rhetorical Tools Situation ­Problem ­Solution ­Evaluation 1.  Describe the situation. 2.  Analyze the specific problem. 3.  Establish methods or protocol for solving. 4.  Create, analyze, and refine a solution. 5.  Evaluate how well the proposed solution addresses the problem. Complex Rhetorical Tools Cause ­Effect  Basic structure: 1.  The claim 2.  The evidence 3.  The justification Complex Rhetorical Tools Comparison and Contrast 1.  Establish the criteria 2.  Determine the importance of the criteria relative to each other (weight) 3.  Judge alternatives Complex Rhetorical Tools Definition   Uses words to establish the meaning of a thing, and to make it definite. Complex Rhetorical Tools Pros and Cons   Presenting both sides of an argument   Discuss points for your view first before ta...
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