Lecture #6 - Organizing Information & Introduction

What is its function where and when does it take

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Unformatted text preview:   Space 2.  Time 3.  Similarities or differences 4.  Order of importance   Determine the purpose   Select the appropriate rhetorical tool E.g. #Freefall What would the approach be for:   1. Space   2. Time   3. Similarities or differences   4. Order of importance Common Rhetorical Tools Mechanism Description 1.  Describe the overall arrangement and shape:         What is it? What is its function? What does it look like? What are its principal parts? 2.  Describe it detail by detail Common Rhetorical Tools Process Description: describes step by step             What is it? What is its function? Where and when does it take place? How does it work? How did it happen? What are its principal steps? Common Rhetorical Tools Classification and Division: 1.  Keep categories equivalent.   High ­order or low ­order categories 2.  Classify or divide according...
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