Lecture #8 - Oral Presentations (Jenna)

Manage the communicaon flow be responsive to feedback

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Unformatted text preview:   •  Read a prepared script Memorize the whole talk Speak impromptu Speak extemporaneously Extemporaneous Talks The Speaker: •  Chooses material •  Prepares an introducCon and conclusion •  Transfers the whole talk to notes •  Rehearses •  Refers to notes while delivering the talk Delivering Your Presenta+on 1. Connect with Your Audience •  Get to know your audience •  Display enthusiasm and confidence •  Be reasonable •  Don’t preach Delivering Your Presenta+on 2. Adjust Your Presenta+on Styles •  Use natural movements •  Adjust volume and speed •  Remember eye contact •  Avoid vocal fillers •  Vary your tone Delivering Your Presenta+on 3. Manage the Communica+on Flow •  Be responsive to feedback •  Leave listeners with something to remember •  Allow Cme for Q&A Featuring YOU Résumé Résumé •  MarkeCng tool hMp://www.careerhubblog.com/main/2010/11/back ­to ­basics ­...
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