Lecture #8 - Oral Presentations (Jenna)

Preparing your presentaon research aim for simplicity

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Unformatted text preview: high parCcipaCon (e.g. book) hMp://www.booksthaMeach.com/photos.htm hMp://filmaholics.net/2012/01/filmaholics ­net ­episode ­73 ­gone ­in ­60 ­seconds ­and ­top ­5 ­movie ­cars/ What is APPROPRIATE? Preparing Your Presenta+on •  •  •  •  Research Aim for simplicity and conciseness AnCcipate audience quesCons Outline your presentaCon The Opening •  •  •  •  •  Introduce yourself Common experience Refer to previous presentaCon Anecdote Key informaCon hMp://www.claireshackelford.us/2011/11/the ­elusive ­finish ­line/ Introduc+on Establish the Topic Grab Audience AHen+on Connect with Your Audience •  Refer directly to subject. •  Provide a pre ­ summary. •  Delimit the topic. •  Provide background info. •  Define terms. •  Refer to recent events. •  State a starling fact or idea. •  Give illustraCon of story. •  Ask a rhetorical quesCon. •  Establish common ground. •  Promise...
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