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Lecture #9 - Writing for Readability

12 words revised the project will develop new software

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Unformatted text preview: fact that   in the near future   when all is said and done   in the eventuality that   in all likelihood   it could be said that   in all probability   last but not least Revised while because finally, all in all now consensus although soon [omit] if likely possibly, maybe probably finally Avoid “It is” and “There is” Beginnings Example Original: It is the purpose of the project to pursue new software development. (12 words) Revised: The project will develop new software. (6 words) Example Original: We have reason to be optimistic. Revised: There is reason for optimism. Editing Advice   Use these guidelines during the editing stage of the writing process (working on the flow) Elevating Verbs Flow  Three steps for revising verbs: 1.  Identify the potential actions 2.  Place real action in the main verb of the sentence. 3.  Strengthen verbs by moving them up the scale where possible. Action of the Sentence   The true action of a sentence should be expressed openly in the verb. Example Original: The data offer confirmation of the hypothesis. Revised: The data confirm the hypothesis. Step 1: Identify the Potential Action Example A considerable research effort has been expended by the minerals industry in order to understand and develop processes for the precipitation of arsenic from aqueous process liquors in a stable, environmentally acceptable form for disposal. (See Pg. 170) Step 2: Place Real Action into the Main Verb   The core of the senten...
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