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Lecture #9 - Writing for Readability

Avoid ambiguity example original this seed requires

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Unformatted text preview: y Revert back to Many different types Personal opinion Future plans This particular context Sudden crisis Successful achievements Each individual participant True facts Avoid Ambiguity   Words or phrases with unintentional double meanings. Avoid Ambiguity Example Original: This seed requires water to germinate, and it must be warm. Revised: These seeds require water to germinate, and they must be warm. Revised: These seed require warm water to germinate. Oxford comma   Use when separating terms in a list to reduce ambiguity   ONE, TWO, and THREE Punctuate the following   Woman without her man is nothing   Use commas ( , ) or colons ( : ) …whatever makes sense to you   “Woman without her man, is nothing.”   “Woman: without her, man is nothing.” http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/the ­oxford ­comma Be concise Strong technical writing is always concise! Use Adverbs and Adjectives Sparingly Example Original: As well as being costly and financially extravagant, the venture is reckless and foolhardy. (14 words) Revised: The venture is both costly and foolhardy. (7 words) Watch for Ineffective or Accidental Repetition Example Original: The terrain slopes to the south with slopes of up to 6.0%. Revised: The terrain slopes to the south at angles of up to 6.0%. Eliminate Hackneyed Expressions and Circumlocutions Wordy   at the same time as   due to the fact that   at the end of the day   at this point in time   consensus of opinion   despite the...
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