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Lecture #9 - Writing for Readability

Recheck if it is not a pronoun and is followed by the

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Unformatted text preview: n 1984 and an inadequate maintenance schedule. 3. Make the Subject Perform the Key Action   Well ­chosen and well ­used subjects guide the sentence and control the structure. Make the Subject Perform the Key Action Original: When an extra wire1 was connected across the two terminals of one bulb, that bulb2 became dark. This3 was due to a short circuit around that bulb because the wire4, with a smaller resistance than the bulb, allowed the electrons to by ­pass the bulb. The second bulb5 became brighter because it6 was acting like the only bulb in the circuit as the first bulb7 was by passed. 1.  Wire 2.  Bulb 3.  This (referring to “becoming dark”) 4.  Wire 5.  Second bulb 6.  It (2nd bulb) 7.  First bulb Make the Subject Perform the Key Action 1.  Reduce the number of subjects. 2....
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