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Vision Impairments

Structural vision impairments continued continued

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Unformatted text preview: tinued) Nystagmus Involuntary movement of the eye. This can be horizontal, Involuntary vertical, circular or mixed Retinitis Pigmentosa a hereditary, degenerative condition of the retina which hereditary, results in loss of peripheral vision or “tunnel vision Retinopathy of prematurity Disruption in the normal development of blood vessels of Disruption the retina in premature infants which can result in scarring scarring and detachment of the retina. and Macular Degeneration Cortical vision Impairment Cortical Visual impairments resulting from the Visual brain’s inability to interpret visual stimuli brain’s An Assumption? An Since [Holly] cannot see, Braille clearly is Since the appropriate reading medium for her. Challenges Experienced By Students with VI Students Incidental learning Limitations in the range and variety of Limitations experiences experiences Limitations in the ability to get around Limitations in interactions with the Limitations environment...
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