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1974 mac iver kemper 2002 beginning in the 1970s and

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Unformatted text preview: Repeat key information more than once. (This will also help focus attention on this ideas.) Direct Instruction as an Instructional Strategy Direct instruction is a highly structured and interactive form of teacherdirected instruction that originated out of behavioral learning theory as a highly scripted method for teaching basic reading and math skills (Carnine & Silbert, 1979; Englemann & Bruner, E., 1974; Mac Iver & Kemper, 2002). Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, a form of direct instruction became associated with processoutcome research and information-processing theory. Process-outcome research refers to a series of studies that attempted to link teacher behavior to students’ learning (Brophy & Good, 1983). The process-outcome research identified different teacher behaviors that seemed to be associated with students’ success as learners. Some of these have already been presented to you as instructional techniques that can be used to implement information-processing theory into the classroom. Enriching Your Understanding 7.1 contains addi...
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