21 expository advance organizers present a relevant

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Unformatted text preview: & Knight, 1998). Ausubel’s two types of advance organizers, the expository and the comparative advance organizer, provide different ways to connect new learning and existing knowledge (Joyce & Weil, 1996). 21 Expository advance organizers present a relevant general idea, principle, or category for the specific information contained in a lesson or lessons. The goal is to help students understand that the specific ideas presented in a lesson are related to each other because they all are related to the same general idea. You might think of the family tree as an analogy. Brothers and sisters are related because they share the same biological parents. By analogy, the expository advance organizer identifies the parent idea or ideas. For example, as an expository advance organizer, you might teach the biological principle that failure to adapt to the changing demands of environments can lead to extinction. Later lessons on natural camouflage systems, endangered species, and human pollution could be presented as more specific examples of factors that promote or inhib...
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