35 when we are finished today i would like you to be

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Unformatted text preview: tant. Teachers also help learners activate relevant prior knowledge for what they are going to learn. This could be accomplished through techniques such as a review of prior learning, advance organizers, or the K and W steps of K-W-L. Here are some sample statements from the introduction of a direct instruction lesson. • “Before we begin today’s lesson, can someone tell me what we learned about cells in yesterday’s lesson.” 35 • “When we are finished today, I would like you to be able to answer the following questions.” • “You will want to concentrate on these points today, because you will need them to understand them for your work in lab tomorrow.” Lesson presentation. Behavioral learning theory and the process-outcome research have heavily influenced the lesson presentation step in direct instruction. Here are the key characteristics of a direct instruction presentation. • Each direct instruction lesson should focus on a finite amount of information. • Information should be taught in a logic...
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