Carnine 1993 has suggested that behavioral methods

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Unformatted text preview: it to be at least as effective as more traditional ways of presenting information and simple skills (Cooper, 1993; Crutherds & Hanna, 1997; Bangert, Kulik & Kulik, 1983). Carnine (1993) has suggested that behavioral methods like programmed instruction can also be used effectively to teach higher order thinking skills if the programming includes a focus on big ideas or concepts, helps students interconnect knowledge, provides for deep and meaningful understanding, and engages students in problem-solving. Drill and Practice Programs The behavioral teaching principles from programmed learning are often found in drill and practice programs. Drill and practice programs provide students with questions to answer or problems to solve. They are typically 18 intended to help students practice already learned information and skills, rather than to teach new information and skills. As with any teaching tool, the effectiveness of drill and practice programs will depend on how you use them in your classroom. Roblyer, Edwards and Havriluk (1997) have provided s...
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