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Consider how joshua logan uses this idea in his high

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Unformatted text preview: stions suggests that questions provided after the text are preferable to pre-questions, that more frequent use of post-questions is preferable to less frequent use, and that questions requiring higher order skills such as making inferences are more effective than factual questions (Peverly & Wood, 2001). Consider how Joshua Logan uses this idea in his high school history classes. • “When students read text silently in class, I assign the text a section at a time. At the end of each section, I ask questions that require students to apply what they are reading or to build connections across sections.” Learners Need to Organize Information Encoding and understanding of information is improved if students perceive how that information is organized. Mayer (1987) has referred to organization as developing internal connections, because the connections are 28 among ideas within the lesson, rather than to existing knowledge. Signals, graphic organizers, and outlines are instructional techniques that can help students form internal connections. Signals. Signals are text devices that highl...
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