Consider how these teachers are using the internet in

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Unformatted text preview: or human information-processing, and research continues today on the use of computers to model human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. There are a number of ways that technology can support the application of cognitive learning principles in the classroom. 38 Technology as a Knowledge Source Technology tools such as the internet can be used to provide students with background knowledge, and in some cases to update existing classroom sources for background knowledge. Consider how these teachers are using the internet in their classrooms. • When Toni Yazzie uses K-W-L in the classroom, she begins by assigning small groups of students to work with designated web sites. The students use the web sites to locate current interesting ideas or facts for the “What do you know?” step of K-W-L. It seems to help motivate them to participate because they have information to share. • Sally Ornstein has some of her students use computer tutorials to learn basic science information they lack. It helps ensure that students have needed background knowledge for problem-solving, The amount of...
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