Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: ess. Consider the different instructional techniques used by the following teachers. • Manny Garcia pauses after he asks a thought-provoking question to give his students time to think. 3 • Joanne Marino writes specific feedback on her students’ English compositions. • John Woodall writes measurable objectives for his special education students. Instructional techniques are usually associated with learning theories that analyze teaching into its component parts such as behavioral learning theory and information-processing theory. Consequently, the majority of the techniques described in this chapter are typically associated with these two theoretical perspectives, but they are used in one form or another by many different approaches to teaching. An instructional strategy combines several principles and techniques together to create an overall approach for teaching a lesson, or in some cases, a way to organize and structure classrooms for learning. Very often, an instructional strategy is associated with a particular theory, but the same strategy can be connected to more than on...
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